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Implement your project in the production of an international energy corporation
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Looking for technological solutions in the areas of renewable energy, thermal generation and sustainable development
Enel is a multinational energy company and one of the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators
30 million euros
invested by the company in startups
development over the past 3 years
Innovation Enel hubs are open
all over the world
activated collaborations
with startups
73 million
end users around the world
Solutions were deployed by Enel
on its operations at global level

What are the benefits for participants?

Paid pilot with Enel Group
Mentor support from Enel and GenerationS
Presentation of the project to Enel's top management
Scale up to international markets


Renewable Energy
Water Power Engineering:
  • Innovative robotic solutions (excluding drones) for Hydro power plant O&M activities for employees support or for partial/total equipment replacement
  • Robots and systems to support inspections and improve safety
  • Additive technologies (3D printing)
  • Innovative welding systems and material deposition techniques
  • Solutions to maximize thermal conductivity of turbine condenser tubes
Health and Safety:
  • AI for Safety - Safety assessment by images/Video
  • Automated instant diagnostics of physical condition before and during work
  • Monitoring and diagnostics for energy storage system
  • Technologies for long-term and seasonal storage
  • AI for energy storage systems
Wind Power Engineering:
  • Improved performance/flexibilization for wind turbines
Solar Power Engineering:
  • Substructures to mount photovoltaic modules (fixed, and equipped with single-axis tracker)
Cross-Functional Tech:
  • Blockchain technology to guarantee that energy originates from a renewable source.
Sustainable Development
  • Technologies to expand the term of resource utilization and equipment operation
  • Solutions for recycling and reclaiming the following waste products: ceramics, timber, wires and cables, light bulbs, rubber goods, pneumatic automobile tyres, construction waste (rockwool, scrap brick), electric motors, generators, electric transformers, hazardous waste (mercury-filled lamps, mercury thermometers, petrochemicals), municipal solid waste
  • Projects for waste recycling (particularly, plastics, batteries, glass, aluminum, reinforced concrete)
  • Solutions applicable for water treatment systems
  • Projects for recycling the items lost their consumer properties: uninterruptible power supplies, leather work shoes, computer, electronic, optical, special clothing made of cotton and mixed fibers, filters (oil and gas purification, gas masks, vehicles).
Thermal Generation
  • Innovative technologies to provide security with focus on equipment and sensors for operation and maintenance of electric cabinets
  • Early diagnostics of vibration status for auxiliary equipment / large-scale rotating equipment not involving fixed monitoring systems
  • Monitoring and tracking occupational safety (in different weather conditions)
  • Identification of behavior
  • Monitoring of health status, safety controls and diagnostics of personal protective equipment, electrical and mechanical equipment and machines
  • Monitoring, control and risk mitigation for on field activities operation even in stressed weather environments (early anomaly detection and real-time alerts)
  • Monitoring and recognition of workers' behavior in order to detect and prevent potential risk situations
  • Solutions to increase the level of staff training, both technical, and related to on-the-job safety
  • Augmented reality goggles to assist in equipment operation and maintenance

Project requirements

Project stage
A "prototype" or a finished product
Desirable level of proficiency in English
Intermediate / Upper – Intermediate (to be able to present project to HQ representatives)


Olga Maslova
Innovations Enel Russia
Senior Innovation Manager
Galina Dremova
Innovations Enel Russia
Innovation manager
Maria Shipitsyna
Sustainable development Enel Russia
Senior Sustainability Manager
Pavel Chunarev
Renewable energy Enel Green Power Rus
Grid connection engineer
Sergei Kozlov
Renewable energy Enel Green Power Rus
Environmental engineer
Andrei Podsvirov
Thermal Generation Enel Russia
Head of Operation performance optimization
Denis Goncharenko
Thermal Generation Enel Russia
Technical Support Acting Director
Evgeny Balayan
Enel Russia
Chief expert on buildings and hydraulic structures
Ekaterina Petrova
Director of Corporate Accelerator
Irina Martynova
Head of Corporate Department
Elizabeth Morozova
Project Manager

Event Calendar

Collection of applications
6 June - 10 September 2019
#GENSTalks in St. Petersburg
20 June 2019
#GENSTalks in Ekaterinburg
25 July 2019
#GENSTalks in Kazakhstan
5 September 2019
October 2019


1, Nobelya St., Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Moscow